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Runic and Perfect World have given us everything we’ve asked for — I can’t think of a single game that can make that claim in recent memory.
The storyline sends you chasing after yet another ember-infected loon who wants to do something bad deep underground, but the game’s main thrust – as is the case with any good dungeon-crawler – lies with the character classes. There are four to choose from this time around, each with their own charge bars to build up by handing out damage (you can then cash this stuff in for brief bursts of class-specific perks, such as the ability to use your magic attacks without consuming mana). Each also has three skill trees to plot a super-powered course through.
t provides me with more loot whoring action than I can shake a stick at, and doles out a much bigger, more refined experience than the original managed to do. The inclusion of online co-op and offline co-op via LAN is certainly fantastic, but the game is still a blast even if you opt to play through it solo.. Definitely pick this one up if you haven’t already, it really shouldn’t be missed.
It’ll continue to provide me with hours upon hours of fun, and I look forward to exploring the game more fully in coming months.
The skills may not have the astonishing sweetshop variety of Diablo 3’s, but they’re tethered to unlock at specific levels in a relatively similar manner, and you’re free to swap them in and out of your ten-slot hotbar as you wish. What you can’t do, though, is respec yourself on the fly: at most, you’ll be able to pay to remove your last three skill points, but otherwise your decisions stick. There’s something pleasantly stoical about this traditional approach to role-playing. It means that if you want to see a different side of the class you’re using, you’ll have to start a new game and make different decisions. It also means that those decisions really count.
What of the loot? This was the very element that withered under Diablo 3’s skill-based onslaught, but it’s alive and well in Torchlight 2. Armour is stylish and riddled with enchantments, while weapons remain your go-to attacks for much of the game. Between the cannons and the fist spikes, the bows and the swords, the two-handed and the one-handed, there are plenty of reasons to return to your inventory every few minutes for another rummage through its thrift-store depths. Sockets, sets, rares, uniques: it all looks great, and it allows you to vary your approach, the skills you depend on and the pace of each battle as much as you want.
This password generator for Torchlight 2 is simply awesome tool.
Torchlight II represents the perfect iteration of a series, combining solid innovation from Runic along with a deluge of feedback courtesy of fans and player mods.
Enjoy this free Torchlight 2 password generator.

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